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John Prouty/Mark Blair from Sozo Church in Spokane, WA brings us this clean, modern take in a mid-modern building.

After several ideas, they landed on using cabinet grade 3/4″ plywood with a clear sealer on it. With this project, they went from the previous design which was original to the building, to the new platform in 1 week, followed by the new screens and lights the following week. The plywood grain came out under the lights in person and presented an amazing texture. Overall budget for the design was about $1500, but the overall renovation which included lights and Solid State Panasonic Laser projectors was considerably more.

Lighting was done with Blizzard V12’s(x6) Blizzard Hotbox Infiniwhite (x3), Blizzard Tour QT(x2). They plan to add 6 intelligent fixtures for spot lighting soon. Full sanctuary overhead lighting and all stage lighting is controlled via an iPad running the Luminair app. The sanctuary consisted of 35, 100w incandescent can lights and wrap around fluorescent perimeter lights. All cans were upgraded to 3200k 18W LED bulbs and the fluorescent lights removed.

Thanks to John and Lyndsey Prouty, Mark and Tai Blair for overall design, and many many volunteers for making the transformation.








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