Stage Designs

Peeking Canvas

Jeremy Courtright from Journey Church in Raleigh, NC brings us this stage inspired by Peeking Lights.

From Jeremy: We wanted a design that would change with the series but still gave us the ability to have different looks for songs or preaching settings. We first framed walls that were 24″ on center. We then ran LED tape light down the outside of the 2×4’s. We then attached Coroplast to the back so the light would shine brighter. After that, we ran 1x8x16′ boards across with a 1/4″ gap between them.

LED tape lights were behind and a mix of bars and micro washes lit the front.

Stage 1: Bare wood
Stage 2: Torched Wood
Stage 3: Stained wood with logo of series
Stage 4: Painted white for Easter and added a cross with LED tape lights around it
Stage 5: Graffiti for series

X's and Giants Throwback: Stringtrest

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