Stage Designs

X’s and Giants

Scotty Daily from Thrive Christian Church in Westfield, Indiana brings us this nice series design.

From Scotty: This is a series we got from Newspring Church called Slaying Giants. We though it would be awesome top have some giants on the stage! We made the giants out of foam insulation, we found the images online and traced with a projector. The giants stand close to 12ft tall. We used the 4×8 sections for each giant. We are lighting the giants with 8 lights each from the ground. The Large X behind the drum set is made with lights from Trim & Glow. This was our first time using them and they are way better than LED tape! We used two sets of color and two sets of white. The giants were under $100 and the lights were about $150.

Winners: Luis Medina, Aaron Caluza, and Jordan Cowherd Peeking Canvas

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