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Pipe Grid

Eric Alexander from Biltmore Baptist Church in Arden, NC brings us this pipe grid stage design.

The design was inspired by the message series “The Other 6 Days”. Eric was thinking of designing a grid-like structure representing a calendar. The design also held over into the next series which was part of their missions emphasis in March, so the grid became a series of picture frames from some of the mission trips that had been taken during the past year.

The grid cost around $200 and was made up of ceiling tile grid set up randomly and hung via lighting safety cables and tie wraps at the joints for extra stability. The grid was lit with 4 Chauvet COLORado 1 Tour LED pars.







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2 responses to “Pipe Grid”

  1. Steven Hall says:


    You and your team did an awesome job! Great work building up the Kingdom of God with amazing visuals. You are a Rock Star. Great work!


    • Eric Alexander says:

      Thanks Steven! I am honored to be included in this blog and humbled that anyone would even take a look. I only started adding design elements to our stage about a year ago. I am always looking for the next piece I can use for our stage. Thank you for the comments.

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