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Plate Arrows

Alan Huerta from West McKinley Church in Fresno, CA brings us this directional use of paper plates.

To create this, they simply stapled the paper plates to the walls in the shape of arrows – approximately 5 inches apart. Then they lit them with LED Par 56’s – one for each arrow. The entire project cost about $7 for the paper plates. (They already had the lighting.)




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5 responses to “Plate Arrows”

  1. Bill Werst says:

    Creative and extremely cost effective – Awesome!

  2. Samson Muthomi says:

    Well I tried this idea out in our church and it worked out really well, within a short time and well within the tight budget. You are a God-send… thanks a lot!

  3. mel says:

    wow. this is super cool

  4. Rebecca says:

    I’ll be using this idea for our new sermon series in our Children’s department. Thank you so much for this simple, creative and awesome idea!

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