Special Event Design

Plywood Bedroom

Tanya Runyan from Harvest Church in Tyler, TX brings us this creative set piece designed with pallets.


  • Pallets: Free (from a local hardware store)
  • Cinderblock: Free
  • Lighting: $160 including bulbs
  • Pillows/decor:$100
  • Total Budget $260.

Pallets: They stacked 3 pallets high, inserted a 2×3 for bracing, and anchored them to the ground.
Lighting: They daisy chained the lighting with 16 gauge lamp wire into a dimmer pack and 40Watt light bulbs.
Bench: Sawzalled 3 pallets in half and stacked two on top of each other. They braced the 3 for a backing on top of 4 cinderblocks.
Sofa Bed: Stacked 2 pallets high and braced the 1 pallet for a backing all on top of 4 cinderblocks.
Tables: Stacked 4 cinderblocks uniquely.






Wooden Horizontal Floating Discs