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Wooden Horizontal

Chris Hughes from Life Church Franklin in Franklin, NC brings us this nice use of lumber.

This was their church’s first major staging upgrade and the total cost was around $750 for the wood and some tools. They already had the TV’s and stage pieces.

They used six LED strips to light the wooden slats. The stage was lit by a total of ten Par 64s. The graphics package came from GracewayMedia.

They built the lumber walls simply by creating a frame then attached pieces horizontally with a nail gun and a compressor. They bought those at Lowes for around $180.


A Product of Production Plywood Bedroom

3 responses to “Wooden Horizontal”

  1. Great designing as well as fantastic subject matter, very little else we want: M

  2. I love that churches are implementing natural materials into their stage design sets these days. It brings a much needed warmth in environments that are very cold and boring.

  3. Joseph Yarbrough says:

    Is there a link to that pack?

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