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Pool Noodle Visuals

Emily Elgin from Christ Church in Fairfax Station, VA brings us this great design that embraces the look of the room and just adds a few elements.

To create this set they got 4×5 sheets of cardboard from a local packing/freight company – cheaper than ordering from Uline. Then they distressed them by ripping up shreds here and there – emphasized with some basic dark brown craft paint.

They got large format prints of mug-shot-like images to portray real people. They kept the mugshots emotionless to prevent communicating anything in particular about that person’s “label.” They got eight posters were from PosterPrintFactory.com for about $33 each.

They labeled the people with the same topics for each week of the series. They created the “labels” by printing on and overlapping 11×17 sheets. They glued the labels to foam core, cut them out, and used velcro to attach to the boards.

The large center, logo pieces were just larger sheets of cardboard. They projected the logo, traced, and painted.

To pull in the color from the graphic (the blue/orange linear element), they got pool noodles – $2/each. They doubled the quantity by cutting them in half and added some spray paint to texturize them.

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2 responses to “Pool Noodle Visuals”

  1. Latisha says:

    I love this. Great way to bring the graphic to life!

  2. Emily says:

    Hi Latisha, thanks for the comment.

    Hey everyone–I still have all the materials for this, and I’m looking to give any/all parts to another church. If anyone is from the Northern VA area and can come pick it up, it’s yours! Please email me: eelgin@christchurchva.org

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