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The Drum Shield Solution

Robert Mays from Southeast Christian Church Next Gen in Louisville, KY brings us this great solution for the problem of the imposing drum shield. Work it into the design!

To create this design they started with a curved metal frame. They screwed white Coroplast panels to it and bordered the panels with black gaffers tape.

They mounted LEDs and border lights to the edges of the walls to create different layers of lighting. They already had all of the lights and the metal frame, so they only spent about $150 of the Coroplast.

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12 responses to “The Drum Shield Solution”

  1. Alicia says:

    not a fan of this design, the drummer shouldnt be religated to the wings, he’s part of leading worship too.

  2. Tom Clark says:

    I really like this! The lighting adds so much. What is in your lighting rig?

  3. Debbie says:

    I like the panes design. The rugs are a bit 2001 though. Lighting is awesome!

  4. steven says:

    I like it, and don’t mind the drummers location. however with my ocd (jk) the fact that both sides of the light panels arent the same would drive me nuts during service. but looks good.

  5. Doug says:

    I play drums for my church. the back of our stage is a corner. we build a small room with a glass front. I play in there. It’s loud for me (so I wear headphones), but is great for the soundman.

    I actually don’t feel weird about it. i feel liberated as i can play as loud as i want and not have to worry about overpowering the rest of the band…

  6. Jonathan says:

    If you guys like that one you should see the new set, its way better, and the design of the new one to come looks even cooler. Rob is really awesome at this stuff.

  7. Jesse Toledo says:

    At my youth group we used to have the drum set on the side, but recently we changed it do the drums are in the back center stage in our new “drum pit”

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