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Marina Psarev from Dwelling Place Church in Marietta, Georgia brings us this diverse mobile setup.

Each week they set up in 15 minutes at a local school. That means no ladders and nothing that would damage the building.

(14) 8 ft. PVC pipe (2″ diameter) – painted with black spray paint
(12) PVC elbow fittings
(6) PVC tee fittings
Hooks & Fabric clips
White stretch fabric (from Rosebrand)
Silver Crushed Voile fabric (from Rosebrand)
(6) 10lb sand bags
Cost: $450

(3) LED Strip Lights
(6) American DJ LED Pars (from Sweetwater)
Cost: $700

Three of the pipes were cut to 7ft for the tops. Six were left at the original 8ft for the sides. And the rest of the pipes were used for the bottom legs. The legs were designed in a triangle shape to add stability. All elbow and tee fittings were glued in permanently. Everything was then spray painted black matte.

The fabric was bought in bulk and then cut to the shape and size needed. They eventually had to hot glue the clips directly to the fabric because they would fall off during set-up/break down.

Each PVC frame comes apart in 5 parts. (top, 2 sides, and 2 triangle legs) The fabric is attached to the frames using hooks and clips.
The PVC frame is put together on the floor and then requires two people to lift it up and place into the triangle legs. The 10lb sandbags are placed on the back of the legs as a precaution to balance the height of the panel and weight of the fabric. Each panel comes to be 7ft wide and 12ft high.

Pars and strip lights are placed on the floor to light the fabric. The great thing is that the PVC blends into the black stage curtain and is hardly seen off stage. To change things up a bit, the silver fabric is draped differently every week.

For Easter, they cut out 2 crosses from cardboard and attached them to the back of the white panels. When back lit, they created cross silhouettes.

During breakdown, the fabric gets folded and rolled. The PVC pieces are placed into a huge custom sewn sleeve. Made from heavy duty, thick fabric to protect the paint. Everything is then packed up into the trailer until next Sunday.







Framed Letters Crooked Light Lines

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  1. We are a new church serving the region around Woodstock & North Marietta. We hold our Sunday morning gatherings at 11am @ J.J. Daniell Middle School. Full children’s ministry too, so bring the kids! Pastor Chad preaches the 100% pure gospel of grace, which is 100% guaranteed to warm your heart, soul and mind. “Come as you are” is our motto, we want to love you and get to know you!

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