Special Event Design

Framed Letters

David Tatum from Covenant Community Church in Vacaville, CA brings us this stage design for their series, Portraits of Faith.

The series title was spelled out by taking a handful of larger golden frames and putting black poster board in them, then laying the white lettering over the top. The frames were hung with fishing wire from the truss above. On the side walls they also hung several empty frames. To give the design a 3 dimensional element they ran three cables across the room. On each of those 3 cables they hung empty frames at different heights and orientations so the room was full of hanging empty frames. The stage had several temporary dividers that they back lit with Mega LED Bars to add color.

The total cost for the empty frames and lettering was under $100. They bought most of their frames at the dollar store or at local thrift shops. Once the frames were taken down, they used the frames for the children to draw pictures of what faith meant to them.



Mega Dots Strung Fabric

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