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Mega Dots

Aaron Phetteplace from Sunnyside Foursquare Church in Clackamas, OR brings us these walls of dots.

Instead of glueing the balls on, they used 5/8″ round Velcro dots so they could take some balls off from time to time to make negative images like the cross behind the drum kit or to add different shapes. They used around 6000 2.5″ balls, spaced 1.5″ apart on a black painted styrofoam insulation board from Lowes. They bought 18 par 64 LED lights and 9 bar lights to color the stage. Overall, their budget was $5000 for the project which they stayed under. Total time was about a week with two to three people helping at most times.




image image-5


Jesus Squared Framed Letters

3 responses to “Mega Dots”

  1. DonJuan says:

    What type of balls did they use? Styrofoam? Did they cut them in half?

  2. Chris says:

    Do you have a place online where you bought the styrofoam balls from?

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