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Jesus Squared

Alex Parsley from Asbury United Methodist Church in Madison, Alabama brings us this use of boxes to create a series element.

Alex started by simply enlarging their church’s brand to a stage design.

She landed on using 200 boxes from Uline. The boxes were 12 x 12 x 12 inches in size and totaled to $185 in expense. They built them into a 13 foot high x 12 foot wide installation and painted them. You will notice that the bottom row of boxes are opened up with the flaps screwed to the floor and they rigged some support from behind using some existing lighting poles. Each row of boxes were taped with packing tape both upwards and across. They took the extra boxes and stacked and arranged them to fill empty space on the stage. It just looked like their logo for the first two weeks. For the final message on “Fueling our Passion”, they painted the face of Jesus on the installation. In researching the project, Alex was inspired by a stage set design on CSDI. She adjusted a painting by jesuspainter to use as their image.

To tie it all together, they chose to develop the graphic for their bulletins for the entire series from this graphic as well. Following the close of the sermon series, the Jesus installation moved to their concourse display area as an art installation for 4 weeks. In an effort to faithfully steward their resources, they painted the reverse side of the installation to become the stone castle wall for their children’s VBS. It was then taken to another local church to be used for their VBS and as a stage set for their worship as well. That’s a whole lot of use for under $200.

Check out his blog post for more info.







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