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Portable Stripes

Trevor Kimball from Radiant Church in Brentwood, TN brings us these portable stage design panels.

From Trevor: I was inspired by Nick Hall’s Portable Lines post and tweaked it to make it fit our needs. This was for an Easter service at our main campus which is mobile. I needed to create something that I could fit in my car and build in my small apartment so I tweaked some things. Some things worked really well, and some aspects were somewhat of a failure.

The two main things I learned from building and implementing would be:
1. Use thicker aluminum than 1/20″ (Even though this aluminum was super light-weight for carrying, it wasn’t strong enough to last in a portable setting.)
2. Sew slip-covers like what Nick did in his design because velcro-covers were a nice way at first, but did not stand the test of time and portable church.

All I purchased was the following:
– One sheet of Coroplast
– 10 of the 8′ x 1/20″ x 1/4″ angle aluminum
– 28′ of black felt-like fabric from Wal-Mart
– Fabric Velcro strips

Total Budget: $250

For lights, we used one Chauvet DJ ColorStrip Mini on each set piece for a total of 4 lights. We also used 4 Chauvet Colorado Tri Tours for backlighting and stage lighting. If you want more info check out the short YouTube Video I made on the project:

Throwback: Something Fishy Throwback: Illusion

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