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Throwback: Illusion

The North Point Ministries team from North Point Community Church brings us this stage design that looks like a magic set. (Originally posted October 2014)

The main element was the light towers. Each tower consisted of 12 small bulbs mounted in candelabras wired in sync with every other one. This gave each tower the need for 2 power supplies. This also allowed them the ability to do chase sequences or different dimmed designs with the towers. The towers were built with 5/8” plywood with the 12 shelves in a triangle if viewed from above. The towers stood 8’ tall and the entire front side was backed with bronze sheets that allowed the light from the bulb to spread horizontally like what you see in the image.

The back curtain was purchased from Georgia Stage. It was a red Austrian designed curtain.

Each truss, a single 10’ stick, was hung at an angle from low in the back to high in the front. The sticks were straight on the left to right plane and were loaded down with approximately 5 moving lights each.

The truss above the stage was left in place from an earlier set. It was internally lit with Chauvet Rain 56 LEDs casting light onto a frosted piece of plexi-glass.


Portable Stripes Holes in the Hive

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  1. Michael says:

    Is there a video somewhere of this stage in action? Thanks.

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