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Portable, Versatile Staging

We talk tons about stage design elements here on Church Stage Design Ideas, but not a whole lot about the physical stage. Frankly, it’s because stages need to be fairly secure. The structures need to be strong, and in many church cases, they need to be portable. That’s not an easy task.

But to open the conversation a bit, I wanted to introduce one of our sponsors, Staging Concepts, to you. They’re all about the actual stage, and they’re all about portable. Here are a few of the things they focus on:

Portable stages. Choir risers. Seating risers. Stage extensions.

Whether you’re in a traditional church environment and need a little more versatility, or if you’re in a portable church environment, or you’re just needing more flexibility in your multi-purpose spaces, Staging Concepts probably has something for you.


At my church, we used something a lot like this to raise up our drummer, keyboardist, and bass player. It added a lot of dimensionality and interest to our stage. We used a higher height for the drummer (who was in the center) and shorter heights on either side for the bass player and keyboards. We just wrapped them in black fabric so help it blend into the stage a bit more.


I encourage you to check them out. They have stuff perfect for youth rooms, multi-purpose rooms, and portable churches. There are stock platform pieces, but they can also do custom work depending on what you need for your specific situation.

Here are some details from the team:

Our staff dedicates itself to providing you with superior service. We guarantee all our customers full service in budgeting, custom drawings, manufacturing, project management and installation. It is our duty to ensure that our equipment along with our service always meets and exceeds all of our customer expectations. For more information please visit Staging Concepts at www.stagingconcepts.com.

Staging Concepts set up at Gold Creek Community Church in Mill Creek, WA, Oct. 2010.

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