Stage Designs


Allen Dunn from First City Church in Pensacola, Florida brings us this paper lantern stage design.

This use of paper lanterns was their first time to also have elements over the area in front of the stage.

The stage lanterns were hung from the batten with black cord and lit by Chauvet SlimPAR QUAD 3 IRC’s

The lanterns over the audience were hung from fishing line threaded through the ceiling from the attic and each lit by an American DJ Inno Pocket z4.

The light boxes from the Laser Beams design were fitted with new front faces made of luan painted flat black. Circles were cut and covered with tissue paper to mimic the lanterns. Each box was lit with a Sinuote 40W 252 LED 10mm RGB DMX Light.

Green lanterns were hung over the Welcome Desk to promote their Small Group signup.

Because they had the lights, the total expense was about $300.

They used QLC+ for DMX light control.






Warmth and Chevrons Walkin' on Sunshine

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