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Brian White from Carbondale Assembly of God in Tulsa, OK brings us this great recreation (and for much cheaper) of a North Point set.

From Brian: Special thanks to North Point Community Church for their design “Dissected Panels” from 2014 for the idea.

We did a similar design on a much smaller scale and a much smaller budget. The panels were made by reusing some 1×4’s from a previous project for the outside frames and we used some 1×2’s for the internal supports and then painted it all black. We stretched cheap white sheets over the back and stapled them in place. The panels were built in pairs for a symmetrical design. (The middle panel is 4’x8’, the ones on either side are 6’x6’, the tall ones are 8’x4’ and the outside ones are 4’x6’.)

The back wall is covered with 3’ strips of white craft paper that was taped together using clear packing tape on the back side and then crumpled for texture. It was simply hung over our back curtain of pipe and drape.

Everything is lit using simple Par 56’s and 64’s with a colored gels on them except the cross which is back lit by a static LED strip.

We reused most of the wood for the panels from a previous set and the Par cans and the LED strip for the cross were already in place. We spent about $50 on lumber and paint, $100 on sheets and $70 on a roll of white paper for a total cost of about $220.




Sails and Filters Warmth and Chevrons

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Great job!!!!

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