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PVC Pipe Trusses

Glen Belcher from Cornerstone Tupelo in Tupelo, MS brings us this PVC pipe truss.

Glen used four 1″×8′ PVC pipes secured to 1″ PVC end caps on a wooden baseboard for the uprights. For the upper and lower supports, he used 1/2″ PVC pipe connected to 1″×1/2″ reducer fittings (8) that were cut in halves and fitted together to make 90° angles. For the cross supports, he used 1/2″ PVC attached to the uprights with pan head screws. (Note: PVC is very flexible making it hard to keep the uprights straight.)







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7 responses to “PVC Pipe Trusses”

  1. adam says:

    What’s the weight restriction on that!! Looks great

  2. Nick burdick says:

    If I bump the corns up to 2″ and add cross support about 1 would that be enough to support 6 mini moving spots

    • Jayden says:

      From recent experience that would not work as it is so flexible and it bends you would have to have something very thick and have a nice solid base if you made it with metal it would work better but the weight of the moving heads wouldn’t work as I’ve tried it before. I have also done my oerforming arts course and at that they only recommend metal and no pvc.

  3. Nick says:

    How much does just 1 truss cost to make and also what are all the measurements such as the ones at Angles and the ones at the top connected to the tees

  4. nicholas burdick says:

    how much does 1 cost

  5. Doyle says:

    This looks great, but it looks to me like it would be much easier to not cut the corner couplings and just add extensions (8″-12″)on the top. It will still look like the pipe is going all the way through the corner couplings. Am I wrong?

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