Special Event Design

Super Scene

Brock Thornsbrough from North Webster Church of God in North Webster, Indiana brings us this superhero stage design.

Superheroes was the sermon series for the fall which included their annual Trunk or Treat outreach to the community. They wanted the stage to be fun and light hearted. The phone booth was donated to the church a few years back and they wanted to make that the center point. Brock needed a place for the drums and the keys so they decided to use a store front so they could have a window for the players to be able to see through.

The stage was built by a volunteer and the painting was all done by other volunteers from the church. Their time was donated so there was no cost for that. The materials which were 2×4’s and insulation board totaled around $1,000.

In the hallways, they decorated with minion trash cans that were themed out to go along with the superhero theme.

The standees were hand painted by a local artist. Total cost for those was $300.

All the lights were already owned by the church.











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