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Pyramid Scheme

The team from Lemuel Baptist Church in Oxnard, CA brings us this stage design for a service that lasted only 30-minutes, but had the potential to change people’s lives.

Their stage design team is full of stay-at-home moms with side hustles, so they brainstormed a way to do their next stage design while also helping themselves. They came up with this design to resource materials they were already selling in their respective businesses.

They started with a combination of Plexus powder, doTERRA essential oils, and water to replace the current haze fluid they were using on their stage. It took a bit of experimentation as the first few they tried, cinnamon and peppermint, caused quite a bit of eye irritation for those in the room. The basil essential oils made the place smell like an Olive Garden. So they eventually settled on Cilantro oil and Plexus Boost capsules for their haze mixture.

For the stage backdrop, they draped It Works Fab Wrap body wraps on their back wall. They purchased a full set of Cutco knives to trim the bodywrap pieces to the size they needed. Unfortunately, the color of the wraps was wrong. They could have just replaced it with stage fabric, but instead they opted for a light dusting of Avon bronzing powder.

In front of that, they built Tupperware towers from translucent pieces. They couldn’t figure out what to do with products from Rodan + Fields and Monat, so they just squirted the skin care lotions into the towers. It did subtle things to the light glowing from the towers.

The LuLaRoe representative in the bunch outfitted the worship team for the full run of the series. The company primarily sells women’s clothes, but that was fine since most of the worship team wear too-tight pants and blouse-like shirts anyways.

At the end of the services, the pastor held an altar call for anyone who felt called to the side hustle. “Anyone who wants a total life change, come forward. Don’t worry, your friends and family can wait. After all, you’re doing it to help them.” After prayer, the respondents were invited to a reception, catered by Ruth’s Chris steakhouse.

An unexpected byproduct of this stage design was that, over the few weeks the design was up, the worship team lost a collective 150 pounds! Not to mention, their skin has never looked better. Even Jim’s, the guitar player’s, headaches are gone.

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  1. Jason says:

    Why is this fake stage design on here? Photoshop was obviously used…..

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