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Racing Stripes

Heather Snider from Lakeside Christian Church in Springfield, IL brings us this cool LED tape approach.

24 (8ft) white PVC trim boards
4 (8ft x 4ft) white plastic sheeting
6 (16ft) LED strips
3 DMX converter boxes

Each of the 3 strips of the design could be changed to different colors allowing for a wide variety of options.

Tools: circular saw, Brad nailer, drill, screws, nails, white touch up paint.

Cost: $310 (they already had 4 of the 6 LED strips and the 3 DMX converter boxes)

Walled Out LED Tape Design Throwback: Sunset Dye

One response to “Racing Stripes”

  1. Tajuana Ewing says:

    I’m impressed by the beautiful stage designs.

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