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Textured Weave

Danny Isom from Hill Country Bible Church NW in Austin, TX brings us this variation on the popular Weave stage design.

They created their version using clear plexiglass – lightly sanded to create texture and reflect light – and sheet metal. Each section was created with one 2’x8′ sheet of plexi and one 2’x8′ sheet metal, for a total of 15 separate pieces. At the time, they had a staff member with welding experience that created the frames and bent the aluminum for the convex and concave bends of the materials. The plexiglass was lit by 11 Chauvet Color Rails and the metal was hit with 4 Elation color merge fixtures from a catwalk. They stacked the different pieces together to form walls 8′, 12′ and 16′ high. They used this as a generic background for 11 months in 2012. When they were done with them, all the pieces were broken down and two of their church plants are now using them as their current set designs.
(Hill Country Bible Church, Leander

Two Rivers Bible Church in Gonzales)








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One response to “Textured Weave”

  1. Eli says:

    What gauge thickness was the sheet metal? How about the plexi?
    Looks like the face of the sheet metal was painted silver?

    Thanks for the great ideas!!

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