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Raised in a Barn

Ken Neff from Christ Central (Kidz Studios) in Lake City, FL brings us this kid-friendly farm scene.

The stage was built using recycled material from other projects, donated, or discarded material.

The barn was made of 2×4 framing covered in OSB board. The tin roof was scrape pieces. The barn doors had recycled hinges and handles from an old playground set. The barn was hollow on two sides as it housed the drum set and the barn doors were open during worship for sound purposes and visual communication with the band leader.

The Silo was built using flexible backsplash sheeting and the dome was an oversized beach ball covered in a donated roll of AC reflective tape.

The grass was indoor/outdoor carpet used from other projects.

The cows were borrowed from a local business.

The sky was nothing more than kraft paper with cotton batting used for the clouds.

In addition to the stage, a pen was built and at every service a different farm animal was brought in. Sheep, miniature donkey, chickens, piglets etc.
A corn crop was planted and grew throughout the month and the pigs in the mud were piggy banks given out as prizes at the end of the series.

Total Cost $65.00

Est. Time 28hrs







Restored Instalove

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