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Random Triangles

Josh Webb from Abundant Living Faith Center in El Paso, TX brings us this mix of shapes and words.

The word “Thrive” was 8 feet tall and nearly 30 feet wide. A local sign company made it out of marine board and mounted it to an angle-iron frame. They suspended it from their trussing overhead and used a project already pointing in that area.

They projection mapped all their graphics to fit inside the word “Thrive” and the letters had constant motion projected precisely inside the word.

They also cut 1 inch pink foam board into triangles and painted them white. The triangles were mounted to their black curtain with magnets and washers taped to the back. Then they aimed some color changers at the foam board and had the flexibility to change colors with each song look.

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One response to “Random Triangles”

  1. Doing something with magnets sounds like a great idea for me with our portable setup. Can you explain it in a little more detail? Is 1″ thick pink foam board something like an insulation material that could be purchased a Lowe’s? Where did you get the magnets? How big were they? How big were the washers?

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