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The Golden Arches

Tim Sherwood from Prairie Lakes Church in Cedar Falls, IA brings us this unintentionally inverted McDonalds logo.

For their Good Friday service they broke out their stash of white crushed voile. They also purchased some mocha organza ($4/yard) from Joann Fabrics.

They bought about 20 lamps from Walmart for $400 and some LED candles for $200. They lit everything with their Mac 600’s, 550’s, and 250’s.

The total cost of this whole set was under $1000.

They wanted the mood of the service to be carried by the low lamps and the candlelight so they tried to get a soft yellow orange glow on the fabric. They also kept from having big lighting changes so the mood of the room was consistent.

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2 responses to “The Golden Arches”

  1. Micah Pace says:

    This is my favorite design I’ve seen on this blog. It’s a really simple design, but it’s really organic and cozy.

  2. Debbie Parish says:

    I would love to see the Christmas stage set you described.

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