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Retro Squares

Christopher Law from SpringHill Camps brings us this retro, squared goodness.

The set design was constructed from building foam cut into rounded squares. They only used a few sheets of foam since smaller squares were cut from the insides of larger squares. The foam was hung with fishing line from a pipe grid and were staggered to create depth. The foam pieces were lit with 4x LED par cans as seen on the corners of the stage.

Simple, inexpensive, effective!

A Christmas Angel Triangles, Squares, and Shapes

10 responses to “Retro Squares”

  1. Kim says:

    It looks they painted the foam shapes? Is that true, or is it just the lighting?

  2. Luis says:

    Is great. I would like to know more about how, and price.

  3. Paola salas says:

    It is just foam i just triad to die the foam and i think i can do it how thick was the foam you uses

  4. Paola, This was just 1″ or so construction foam, for insulating building and houses. Smaller pieces were cut out from the center of the larger pieces to avoid waste. We have a relationship with Dow Chemical in Midland, MI about an hour from us and they donate this product to us. Paint was just basic wall paint we had around. Aside from labor costs of our staff this set was free.

    Hug with fishing line that just looped around each piece. The hardest thing is to get all the squares to be level with each other as they were hung apart to give width and depth. None were physically connected but this could simplify the setup if you do not have fly space or a lighting grid at your facility.

    • Andrew Pitts says:

      Loved the design, Want to try to do something like it for a conference we are doing at our church. I was wondering what did you use to cut the middle out and what did you use to round off the corners? Let me know!

  5. We cut these with a bandsaw after drawing the curves in with marker. You could do it with a fine tooth jigsaw and lightly sand the corners until the desired smoothness is met.

  6. Hi!

    Love this design and would like to recreate it! Do you have record of the sizes of the rounded squares, and if show, would you kindly share them?


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