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Triangles, Squares, and Shapes

Lance Tucker from The Vineyard Community in Johnstown, Ohio brings us this stretchy design.

To start this stage design they raised their stage about 7 inches and covered up their front steps. They wanted to improve the view from the back of the room and create a more theatrical look. So they painted their back wall black and added some stretch fabrics purchased from Rose Brand. They lit the stage using 6 Color Key 1 Watt LED’s, 8 Color Key 10 mm LED’s, 4 Altman Ellipsoidals, 2 Martin Mini Mac’s, 4 Martin MX-10’s, and 6 Chauvet Color Strips.

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5 responses to “Triangles, Squares, and Shapes”

  1. Mike Fowler says:

    I’m trying to come up with a design similar to this for my church (or atleast suggest something like this) I have 1 Middle screen and 2 side screen in my sanctuary and I’m dealing with about 18 LED lights. Suggestions?

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