Christmas Designs

Rough Snow

Chris Shattuck from North Avenue Church of God in Battle Creek, Michigan brings us these awesome rustic snowflakes.

To create this, they used 8 sheets of 4x8x1/8 OSB, 4- 2×4’s cut to 7ft lengths, and a ton of quality time with a jigsaw.

From Chris: I laid everything out with my speed square on a 9th sheet of OSB that I used as a pattern. Once the pattern was set up and cut out, I used it to trace onto three sheets at a time.

The tenth picture shows my arrows to aid in cutting. Don’t want to cut the wrong line!

After cutting two, I laid them out to make sure it looked right.

The seam wasn’t too obvious, so production continued.

Once all the pieces were cut, I stacked them up, and clamped them together to drill all the holes at once for the lights.

I used a 1 inch paddle bit and a cordless drill.

The lights are strands of halogen globe lights from target, and the cords are stapled to the back. Then you thread the light in the front.

After some backlighting, things looked great.

All in, I’ve got about $250 including the lights.

Broken Trees Glittering Dots

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