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Israel Del Barco from First Baptist Church in Curitiba, Brazil brings us this epic, dynamic cube and scaffolding design from their 2011 Christmas musical.

Let’s start with the giant cube. They created the cube out of metal pipes/poles. Then they covered it with a translucent canvas material on three sides (the three visible sides). Each side of the screen measured 3×3 meters (a little less than 10×10 feet). Then they projected onto the inside of the structure using only one projector with a 6000 lumen Epson projector.

To keep the giant cube from rolling or sliding off the stairs, they built a wooden frame shaped to the steps that they set the cube onto.

All the visuals they projected were run through Resolume to allow them to adjust the projections to fit the “screens”.

The scaffolding. They used 2 layers of scaffolding on each side and backed the scaffolds with voile fabric. They lit the fabric on each side with 7 LED lights in the front and 12 LED lights behind them.

Finally, the environmental projection. You can’t see it too well but they have environmental projection on the walls behind the choir. They used two more of those Epson projectors (one on each side) to make that happen.

Lighting. 8 Oby-3, 6 Oby-5, 10 Bommer 575, 54 parLEDs 10mm, 24 parLEDs RGBW 3w, 6 Moving Heads Beam IMAX, 2 Moving heads Wash 575w and about 36 dimmer channels.

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10 responses to “Rubik’s”

  1. Kevin says:

    Wow, the projection inside of that cube is great. So, one projector was able to do a three sides of the cube? That software must be really smart. I will have to check it out.

  2. Abner Mendes says:

    I was part of this!

  3. Dan says:

    Nothing short of amazing. If their creative team puts a mission trip together, I hope they come to help me!

  4. Steven Hall says:

    Isreal, This is great. I love to see a church pushing the envelope to glorify our maker! I love all the projection and the scaffolding. This is great! Again, amazing work please let your team know what an astounding job you guys have done.


    • Thanks for the comments of everybody. This is for His glory! It’s an interesting project because we don’t use just the famous Christmas: tree, lights, candles, etc, etc. In this of 2011 we also presented the coming of Jesus, with the ‘Revelation Song’ of Kari Jobe.

  5. Adriano Fogaça dos Santos team! says:

    …my last project like a arts pastor. well done team!!

  6. Hugo Miranda says:

    Congratulations! lindo projeto!

  7. myrna says:

    Incredible! Love the creativity and pushing the limits!!! WOW!

  8. Eric Spence says:

    So, this is really cool! How did you get one projector to do the multiple sides of the cube?

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