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Giveaway – Nomad System

The fine folks at MIO have decided to give away 8 boxes (192 modules!) of their amazing Nomad System to one lucky church. Jeff Abbott made it look awesome in his design.

How do you enter to win? Simply leave a comment here explaining why MIO should give them to your church. You can send a link to a sketch or just explain your situation. Then they’ll decide once the contest is over.

Contest ends June 15th at 11:59 pm CST. Unfortunately we can only ship them to addresses in the US and Canada.

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57 responses to “Giveaway – Nomad System”

  1. Kevin Poole says:

    These would add great architectural interest in our worship center, or I’d love to use them as a backdrop in our children’s large group space. Right now, we have a simple pipe/drape backdrop, but this would add a ton of visual interest!

  2. Chris Fluitt says:

    We are a young church plant that needs help with portable stage design. The Nomad System would make for a great colorful backdrop for us and more.

    Because the Nomad can be arranged and rearranged and re-rearranged, we would always be able to add a new wrinkle to our stage often – without breaking the limited budget.

    I would smile reeeaaaal big if Redemption Church was picked!

  3. Jaime Salm says:

    Show us what you need! ” A picture is worth a thousand words” Use Facebook, Twitter or Tmblr!

  4. Joe says:

    This would be such a huge blessing to our church! We are a fairly new church plant (4 years old) and are always looking for new things to fit within an extremely tight budget!!! We would take good care of it, make good use of it, then pass on the blessing to someone else someday!

  5. 10 years ago we bought an old National Guard Amory. We are using the drill area for our worship. You should give them to us because the drill area is a concrete box (51ft x 100ft ) plus a concrete floor. It is great for driving tanks on but not so good for worship. The whole area has not one bit of acoustic material in it

  6. KIRSTEN B. says:

    We are a Young Adults congregation that totally transforms our church’s main sanctuary every Sunday evening for our service. As of right now we use a few old screens and some black cloth with pipe and drape for a backdrop, but after 2 years all of the pieces are starting to fall apart. The Nomad system looks amazing! And to be able to change and modify it frequently blows my mind! Please consider us for the giveaway!

  7. mataio says:

    we are a growing youth group in a church that runs about 200 on sunday.God has truly been doing some amazing things in our group. we have a youth room just for us and would like to update it so the youth would feel more relaxed and be proud to say thats my youth room. if we won these it would be amazing just because of the ability to stack them up into different patterns and add some pop to our room. all these churchs could benefit from them and which ever wins let it be used to Praise God

  8. Ken Leslie says:

    Lakeside Church, located just outside of Detroit, MI, would be very grateful for this addition to our stage setup. We are a portable Church that meets in a High School Auditorium and as you can see from the picture here, we have a lot of dead space on our stage! https://dl.dropbox.com/u/2670058/IMG_1094.JPG

    Just recently we tried to do some hanging from the rods on the ceiling, and things looked really good… Until we got in trouble from the school because they did not want us hanging things from their empty rods. We basically got told we could not hang anything, which now really limits us.

    These setups seem like they would work perfect from the ground up, and would really catch the light instead of the blank space. Of course, as stated in other comments, whoever receives them, I pray that God uses even this decoration to draw people into His presence, and to Himself! Thank you for your willingness to give and be Kingdom minded!

  9. Teri says:

    We are a small church with a small budget. Nomad would help us to make our stage designs spectacular!

  10. Phil Haydn says:

    My church needs some creativity. This is the closest thing to Legos for adults out there.

  11. Jeremy London says:

    Our Church could use this design element in our youth group. We have a 20′ by 100′ room (A.K.A. “Hallway”) with an extremely tight budget (abt $1000 a year for sound, lights, equipment) and this would be great to shake things up without having to modify the electric system, video system, lighting system! This is a great product! I could easily see us using it for sectioning off deferent areas for small groups, prayer circles, game nights, etc. Also we could use this as a nice backdrop for retreats! It’s portable, affordable, and very modern. Our church would greatly appreciate it if we were chosen. If not.. we will probably be buying this product anyways :P

    Love the work! Keep it up!


  12. Mike says:

    Wow these are really cool and we would love to have them but it sounds to me like others are in more need than us. What a great gift to a church in need! God bless you for doing this.

  13. Daniel Bulek says:

    EmPowered is the Junior High Ministry of my church. EmPowered is lead by teens and is for teens, but the room we meet in is the choir rehearsal room. The teens feel out of place, like they are just shoved into a back closet. The Nomad System will help us personalize the place, and make the teenagers feel more in place. Our ministry does not have much funding, none is directed towards stage design or room design. We have tried to do best with what we have, but this would really help us with our stage, and to create a welcoming environment.

    – The Teens of EmPowered

  14. Zack says:

    We are a small church with essential no budget for worship or stage design. Anything we currently have are things people have gone out and purchased on their own dime. The Nomad System would add some much needed texture and overall quality to our current very simple stage design that we would not be able to get otherwise. Big “Thanks!” to CSDI for all the ideas and to MIO for the giveaway!

  15. Matt Howard says:

    I need this system to take a stuffy, stiff and traditional looking building and give a modern, fresh vibe. Basically, the ways to integrate this are unlimited.

  16. andrew y says:

    This would be usefull for many reasons. off the top it would be great for filling in some of the “dead space” on our stage. it would also be great for when we expand and remodel in the next cmoing months. lots of posibilities with these, from crosses to simple geometrix shapes. it would be an amzing addition.

  17. Dan says:

    We are launching a new Worship Center in October. The room is a big blank square and needs some affordable solutions to create texture. MIO’s Nomad system is great for problems like ours. You can add, remove, design, and redesign countless times to create backdrops, stage elements, and illusions of depth.

    Thanks to MIO and CSDI for the partnership, and congrats to the winner. Bravo for everyone who sees this post and considers the Nomad system for the first time!

  18. Rob McCurry says:

    These look great! We have looked at these before,but didn’t quite have the budget for them. Would love to use them in our next stage design! Our auditorium is a dual purpose room that srves our church and also our christian school. It would make a drab room come to life! Thanks for the give away!

  19. Larry Marshall says:

    These look amazing. We have a campus ministry that has services twice a week. We have many worship ministry students, and we’re trying to give them a well-rounded training experience, including all aspects of the worship environment. We have a fairly boring worship environment, and something like this would breathe new life into our campus worship!

  20. Jeremy says:

    We are a local church School of Worship currently looking to overhaul and upgrade our chapel stage to help train and equip future worship leaders & musicians, and media techs. Our stage currently has white walls for the background, and we’d love to give our students a system like this to be creative with and help mentor them in stage design elements. The Nomad System is incredibly modular and would compliment this perfectly! Here’s a link to our stage plans: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/18922896/Chapel%20Redesign.png

    Thanks to folks at MIO for the giveaway opportunity!

  21. Jeremey Veal says:

    We are a local church in Arlington Texas. I just moved to this church to serve as the Student Ministries Pastor! My family and I were very excited about this move due to us being in a very tough situation in our previous church! From a birds eye view this seemed to be very healthy and intential about where it is headed. But little did we know there were some dark secrets lurking behind the scene’s. Our church has recently had a split and has lost many families. Right before I got here, the church through the students upstairs in a large attic like space and called it their new home. There has been a lot of healing that has taken place, but it has all taken time! As part of this journey we have tried to utilize the space thrown at us and help create an atmosphere for our students that is both relevant and inviting. This would be a huge help for this process! Please choose our church and help our students out!

  22. James Turner says:

    We are launching a new church in Northern VA after the New Year and are getting our inventory together. We would be very honored to have any stage sets, decorations and materials available!

  23. Graham Culbertson says:

    I am the Student Pastor at a church in NC. I would love to have this to use in our “auditorium” that we use for our student worship services and children’s Sunday School. This is the first time in the history of this church where our children have not been fifth our worse on the congregation’s priority list (with adults being numbers 1-4). Time and energy are being given to our students and this would be a great way to spice up some of the ministry space. Granted, every church [hopefully] has a reason to claim such a prize. I would just love to see ours chosen. Congrats to the winner, whomever that may be. Thanks MIO.

  24. Beth Payne says:

    My husband just started pastoring a church and we are in dire need of updating a tired gymnasium (that doubles as our sanctuary) with a more modern look. We have no budget for this process. I love this website because it has given us some great low-cost ideas. The Nomad system would be a great resource to give us a movable backdrop that could be configured in multiple ways. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  25. Dago says:

    We are part of a quickly growing youth group. We don’t have our own room, so we were using our annex. But recently we have out-grown it, especially after a very successful and impact-full youth retreat. We have since moved to the main sanctuary and are using it on Fridays and sometimes through out the week. Considering we don’t have a budget to spend on stage design, we need something to help us distinguish our youth services and help us create a stage that matches the dynamic direction of our youth culture. The Nomad system, would be a great blessing for our growing youth group. We have some very creative youth that have created their own stage designs out of there own pockets, and having this tool we would be able to make something really exciting.

  26. TJ says:

    Our Youth Ministry would benefit from this in enormous ways! Currently we are using a room that was not created for sound what-so-ever! We have made some adjustments to the space to accommodate for the youth ministry, but it still feels like a dungeon. The space is used by multiple other groups which limits what stage designs can be effectively (Preschool, Boy Scouts, choirs, etc.). The Nomads would provide us with the flexibility and portability to take the stage design to a whole new level in visual worshipping!

  27. Ryan says:

    Ive been eyeballing these for weeks now and telling a lot of friends about them. Everything on MIO’s site is really cool! I really really want them, but like most of the churches around, our budget is shot too. Our student leaders have been doing shoestring stage designs this past year and they would feel so valued of we were able to give them this nomad system to work with!

  28. Oh Wow and Wow backwards! Thats my exclamation to the thought of possibly receiving the Nomad System. We began our ministry a little more than a year ago. It has been both exciting, thrilling and filled with lots of life change personally as well as with those we serve. The Nomad System will allow us to bring a much needed new look to our facility. A fresh look is always exciting.

    Thank you!!!

    Pastor Terry

  29. Corbin says:

    I’m a member of a newly formed traveling worship group through Kentucky Christian University. I know we aren’t necessarily a church by definition of most, but we are being the church for thousands of student bodies and congregations throughout the country. We are on a VERY limited budget, and as this is our first year, we are without any visual elements. We will be touring to dozens of churches of all sizes which will require flexibility and creativity on the fly. This is a very intriguing idea that would fit our needs perfectly…not to mention exposing dozens of churches across the country to the Nomad system…wink wink.

  30. Nicole Jones says:

    I am a full-time youth minister on a part-time wage (but who isn’t?). With the economy the way it is, every ministry area has had to make cuts in our already conservative budget and find creative ways to continue to do things as before (but who isn’t?). I’ve seen the Nomad System on CSDI before and fell in love with it! Our desire is to give our student ministry area a fresh look for the new school year. The Nomad System would certainly set the bar high and get the students excited. We would love to be chosen for this amazing gift! (But who wouldn’t?!?)

  31. Jason says:

    I have been looking at these for a while, and it would be sweet to win some! I guarantee no one in my city has seen anything like this. Having it p in the stage would blow peoples minds. Here hoping!

  32. matthew walker says:

    I am trying to start a church and I need all the materials I can get. At present we have no funding, just a building oppertunity given, we are starting to consider fundrasing, we just need the thumbs up from the church hall we want to do the youth church in.

  33. Michael Byrd says:

    We are a college ministry at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. We are also launching a church plant in the September. These panels would serve as a HUGE blessing to both ministries. Essentially, the plant will absorb the college ministry as the church’s college ministry, which means that all of our gear, pipe & drape, and anything else you can think of will not only be set up and torn down once on Sundays, but twice. We have lights but we are currently in need of a backdrop this is not only lightweight, but durable and easily assembled and disassembled. This would be perfect for us. Thanks for the opportunity and your generosity.

  34. Gene Simonalle says:

    We would LOVE to have a whole bunch of these for our summer kids program (VBS) that is coming together right now with NO budget. This would be awesomer.

  35. Adam Neal says:

    Awesome! I am a huge supporter of MIO Culture’s stuff. My most recent purchase was their ceiling tiles…they look super cool! I have also bought several of the acoustic weaves. A couple of weeks ago I purchased a bunch of the Nomad stuff and kind of got in trouble for how much I spent (oops). The only color I have is white. My intentions were to cover our entire stage at one point, but now I can’t buy anymore. 192 modules would be awesome!!

  36. Brian K says:

    Hi Guys,

    We are a relatively new church plant in North Philadelphia. We are almost entirely volunteer run & we do not have the budgets of many other churches, but we are passionate about the Gospel and people. We do not want to be known by anything except Christ & connecting people to Him. I am now realizing, thanks to this site and others, that ascetics play a major role in how people are engaged. We would love to experiment with these.

  37. Kyle Belden says:

    These would be an awesome element for our Church to add into their Children’s ministry. We are busting at the seams in our kids area, and are rapidly running out of space. We have talked about expanding or trying to split up rooms and these would be a great way to add some exciting elements to our kids church program. Not to mention the endless possibilities in our main worship area and youth room! These would be an incredible addition to help foster an creative atmosphere.

  38. Charlie McNeill says:

    Hope Creek Church in Durham, NC would love to have this system. We are a small church 160 people who think like a church on 10,000, problem is we only have money for a church of 160. Right now we have some very talneted folks that we work to death creating awesome sets and eviorments for the church. This would be a huge time and energy saver for our people. We love your designs and would love to be able to design our home around and with this product. I can’t wait to see what our talented crew comes up with, with this amazing product.

  39. dAs says:

    Sweet and simple design elements. I can see this being used for our Main stage, kid’s and youth ministry as well as any outreach events we have. The flexibility is awesome and being created from recycled cardboard makes it a must have. This could be a great team building project for everyone at the church.

  40. Mike Everett says:

    Because we have borrowed some of this before and we loved it, my church, Freedom Church in Moncks Corner SC, we have been around for 8 months and are averaging around 325 every sunday, have dedicated 12 babys and growing every week. God is Good

  41. Becky Warren says:

    Our church is experiencing some growing pains/opportunities and these modules would be a wonderful gift to us at this time. We are preparing to launch a third service that we want to be more creative, and incorporate some ancient/future concepts. These modules would integrate well with what we are planning!

  42. Todd Laird says:

    Hey there, I am brand new to this church as their Director of Music and Arts. We are in the beginning stages of a major renovation and I would love to have the opportunity to incorporate them into our new stage design.

    They would look amazing!

  43. TMKvamme says:

    My church needs them because our back wall is flat black and boring.

  44. Lori T. Adams says:

    Since Enjoy Church is on the internet and TV most of our expenses go to getting the Message across the world. Our sets are seen as far as Tialand and Germany. We also have a temporary satellite campus that needs a great looking and quick to set up set. I have been drooling over your materials for a long time and would love to have them to display. Please give us a chance.

  45. jennday says:

    This product is simple to use and easy to manipulate-giving kids and students an opportunity to contribute to stage design or whatever creative element you have dreamed up in your kid space!!!

  46. Alex Stave says:

    3 words:

    It Looks Cool!

    We have a very shallow stage at Woodridge Church, and It is hard to add depth and texture in new and interesting ways! I feel like the MIO nomad system would be a perfect fit for our space! The texture and angles would allow for some great lighting options using LED wash fixtures for color and shadows across the surface while also projecting a breakup pattern on the front to give even more texture and depth. MIO and CSDI, if you could help us achieve that, we would be eternally grateful! I love new and innovative ways to change the look and feel of a room using reusable and eco friendly products, and that is why I love to try some of the MIO products and see how they perform!

    Alex Stave

  47. We are a new church that is made up of mostly kids, teens, & young adults. As you know when you cater to the poor, the broken-hearted & kids that have come off the streets, There is not a whole lot of income. So we find our self using whatever we find laying around to make props and backdrops. This would be a blessing to our ministry and to help motivate the kids. If you have any other questions or would like to look at our ministry closer you can go to The F.O.G (Family Of God) Facebook group/page.



    We just ask that you pray about this, and let God lead you. Thank you & God bless!

  48. This MIO set up would be so amazing for our new youth service we launched last week. I am a youth intern at Gashland Presbyterian Church, and with a very slim budget our stage has been a challenge. I could see this nomad system being perfect for what we are doing since we have to pack up and tear down after every service. This would also be very good for our main services, and could be shared with anyone in our church family. I love the simple, sleek, and ambient feeling MIO will bring to our services.
    In Him,
    Aaron K

  49. Jared Mathis says:

    We are a 200+ year old church and currently doing three services. Our third service is our modern service and we have 30 minutes between services on Sunday to transform it into a more appropriate atmosphere since the sanctuary itself is quite traditional. This system with its unique look, flexibility, and portability would be priceless to our situation. Please consider us when giving away this system.

    In Christ
    Jared Mathis

  50. Kendra says:

    Like others, we are a new church plant traveling around. We just moved from our large stage at the Middle School to a much smaller area of a Funeral Chapel for the summer. (I hear ya snickering!) At summers end we move back to the middle School again. So stage design is a challenge because our platform keeps changing. Mio products are awesome in that they provide a creative way to decorate any size space quickly and not lose the look you are going for. At the same time, they also allow you to change up that look without a lot of effort for something new and fresh. We would love to be able to use MIO products in our services!

  51. jake lenhart says:

    We are a church who is finally making updating our worship space after 34 years. we currently have orange pews and carpet. we ARE in the process OF a total face lift including the stage.

    What we had on our stage was a forest of fake trees in fake planter boxes until about a year ago.


  52. Dear MIO, we think you create amazing things. We would love to partner with you to create something wonderful. Sincerely, The Well

  53. Wow, there are so many worthy churches of this awesome gift!

    Our church is in a much different place than most of the churches above. Our church is nearly 200 years old and has most recently gone through years of decline (in both quality and thus attendance). However, it’s a new age for our congregation and we are seeking to once again be the church (outwardly focused) we should have been all along. Having said all of this, we’re seeking to make changes to our very outdated facilities.

    Unfortunately, the finances are not there to make a space aesthetically pleasing or acoustically sound for our youth ministry. Like many of the others above, we’re using a large(ish) room for all of our youth ministry functions like worship and small groups, but we’re not able to do either effectively because of the limitations of our finances. If we were to win this awesome gift, I believe that our ministry to youth could be so much more effective!

    No matter who you choose, we appreciate your ministry and the opportunity to share our story!

    Many blessings to you all!!

  54. Jeff Hundley says:

    Wow, this is awesome! As a brand new church plant only 5 weeks old outside Knoxville TN this would be a major blessing. We are working with a dark brown back wall in a building that used to be a church but is rented out for other purposes. So, we really can’t change paint colors etc. We have worked on staging as much as possible but other expenses trump staging. I’ve been pouring over inexpensive ideas on this website trying to get some inspiration. This system is awesome, hands down! How do you decide who to give it to? Tough decision.

  55. Jono Thorne says:

    Hey! Great to read all of the awesome ideas people have! And although so many churches may require this as well, I guess I still need to list why we are worthy of this awesome kit. I think you should give them to our church (City Church) because we have to setup each week, all of our staging, our coffee and welcome areas and children ministry’s. The Hotel we meet in is ugly, and needs decorate badly, but because we have to setup each week, and it’s not our venue, we cannot do anything about it. We would use this great produce you have created to help make our welcome lounge ultra cool, so that new visitors can be welcomed in style, and lavished upon.

    Our church have recently gone through a massive modernization process, which has sadly caused a very large number of people to leave the church, mainly due to bad rumors spread by a mentally ill church member. This means we have no money at all at the moment, and cannot afford to buy something like what you have to offer here. Our dream as a church to to raise up a generation of young people to be radical, fire spreaders in our City and Nation.

    Thanks for reading, hope you consider us!