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The Cross Divided

Bill Cook from Fellowship Missionary Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana brings us this divided and framed cross.

To create this, they started by building 4’x4′ frames out of 2×4’s. Then they backed the frames with white Coroplast. The actual cross was made with pieces of 2×2’s painted with black latex paint. They hung the whole thing with a small diameter chain.

Bill designed the cross ahead of time on a computer, then used a roll of painter’s tape and a marker. They spaced each frame 2 feet from the others and laid them on the floor to plot out the cross.

To keep the piece straight while hanging, they carefully drilled holes 3″ from the top and bottom of each side on the frames. Then they used equal lengths of chain for each frame. They hung the frames from a large pipe that their rear curtain hangs from.

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5 responses to “The Cross Divided”

  1. Larry Marshall says:

    This looks great. Seems like it could work well without the frame? Looking to do something like this, but I don’t have the ability to hang anything too heavy.

  2. Chris Czuchra says:

    Where can I get coroplast from?

    • Joel Woodward says:

      You can find several places online to buy the coroplast, but shipping will get you. The best way is to go to a local sign shop and ask for 4×8 sheet of white coroplast. cost for me was 16 dollars a sheet, but that could differ from shop to shop.

  3. Carol Roberts says:

    Amazing Look! I am curious about the lighting..does the sunburst that appears in the upper right come from backlighting?

    • Kirk McKinley says:

      The sunburst is just a gobo shot from the catwalk above. Unfortunately our stage is too shallow to do much backlighting.

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