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Rustic Elegance

Laura Blechle from White Flag Christian Church in St. Louis, MO brings us this scene that belongs in a real classy joint.

Lights: They spent months shopping yard sales and resale shops for old chandeliers, and then spray painted them all white. They wired them to their dimmers to be controlled during the service.

Rusted Metal: They bought new corrugated metal and rusted it themselves using muriatic acid to remove the galvanization and then a circuit board etching solution from Radio Shack to create rust – then attached it to wooden frames to be hung.

Burlap: Each drape had two fabric panels (each 48” wide”) slightly overlapping stapled to a thin piece of wood to be hung, and then they were gathered and tied a huge overhand knot. The burlap was inspired by “Tied” from The Crossing and the chandeliers from Church on The Move.





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One response to “Rustic Elegance”

  1. Deb C says:

    I love this design! We are also looking for chandeliers to use for our Christmas set. We are pairing them with a wall made of dismantled pallets. Same theme as yours, just a different verse. Thank you for sharing!

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