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Jimmy Corrao from CrossCity Christian Church in Fresno, CA brings us this Christmas kids’ design.

From Jimmy: Our children’s team decided they wanted to put together a Frozen themed stage for Christmas this year, and asked if I could build them a sleigh like Kristoff uses in the movie. They also wanted people to be able to sit in it so families can take pictures.

So, I headed to Google images to figure out what it even looked like, and then started designing. I created the design in Sketchup and decided to make a few changes to the actual sleigh seen in Frozen, partly because of cost but also because of time and skill!

I used 1/2” Baltic birch plywood for the construction of the sleigh. I used a compass to layout some of the painting lines. For the gray triangles, I used a sheetrock sponge and cut a triangle shape in the end of the sponge with my bandsaw. Then I dipped in in paint and basically stamped the triangles inside of the red lines. The gold accents along the sides are 1” wood button tops used for furniture that I painted gold then glued and pin nailed onto the sleigh. To follow the radius on the front, I cut the plywood into 1” and 3” strips. On the curve, I used the 1” strips, and on the flat front I used the 3” pieces. The painting on the front was freehand using google images as a reference. The stain is a custom color I use regularly. I believe it’s 4 parts Jacobean and 3 parts Classic Gray.

If you would like the Sketchup file, let me know. The overall size of the sleigh is about 4’ wide x 11’ long x 3’ tall. It was a less than $600 to build.

Drawn Christmas Wrapping Paper

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