Christmas Designs

Wrapping Paper

Micah and Laura Reed from Chisholm AG in Chisholm, MN brings us this wrapped Christmas trees.

From Micah and Laura: Wrapped Christmas trees was our theme. We used wood pallets that we attached together with wood glue. Then we snapped the pallets into a tree shape. We used pallets 15 ft tall 12 ft tall 10 ft and 6 ft tall. Then we wrapped them in all different Christmas wrapping paper! We put big bows on the top of each tree. We used led lights to up light the trees. We also had 6 giant boxes on stage wrapped as presents! We took this idea of the presents from another church design on here! The six presents all had a part of a picture on it. When people opened the presents and put them together it made a picture of Jesus face! We talked about how Jesus is the greatest gift! Each gift had a tag on it that said either love, joy, peace etc. I ordered the picture printed from I ordered empty boxes from amazon and used rubber cement to glue them on the boxes!

Samantha?! Curved Stained Glass

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