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A New E-book for Stage Designers

It’s $3.99 today, jumping up to $5 by the end of this week.

Available on Amazon.com and iBooks.

What sets great church stage design apart from the mediocre? In this e-book, Jonathan shares the things he learned from both designing stages and observing the good, the bad, and the ugly submitted to the site.

“Set the Stage” explores the philosophy and theology of great church stage design. It’s not a how-to manual. But applying the knowledge in this e-book will improve your ability to design awesome stages for your church.

This e-book answers the questions…
…why should my church be doing stage design?
…how can I use stage design as a form of visual worship?
…who are the different audiences I need to design the stage for?
…what’s the difference between theatrical set design and church stage design?
…what’s the difference between interior decoration and stage design?

Plus it includes 30 pro tips from church stage design experts:
· Brad McCraw from Christ’s Church of the Valley
· Kaleb Wilcox from Willow Creek
· Jeff Abbott from Ada Bible Church
· Andrew Hunt from Blue Ridge Community Church
· Steven Hall from JourneyChurch.tv
· Sean Bolinger from Christian Faith Center

Available from Amazon and iBooks:

Look Up! Lines in Gaps

3 responses to “A New E-book for Stage Designers”

  1. Tsvetan Stoitsev says:

    It gives me price 7,19 in Amazon… not 3,99.

  2. Yemi Adeyeye says:

    Jonathan,I must say well done. But I tried buying this book from amazon yesterday but was not successful.I only got to put it in my wish list,there was no purchase or add to cart button I could use.Was really frustrating… Tried searching from kindle app on my pc no success.what could be wrong?

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