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Shaped Up

Alex Robinson from Capital Area Christian Church in Mechanicsburg and Etters, PA brings us this these great stained glass panels.

They did a series called Manifesto to lay out their church’s mission, vision, and values. They went with a “stained glass” style design. They used flats that they’ve used over and over for other sets. They were heavily inspired by the “50 Shades of Glass” design on CSDI. But they attached colored cellophane directly to white Coroplast before it was mounted on the frames.

A member of their stage design team free handed the stain glass design, and then they alternated flipping it upside down for variety on stage. Also, they re-used some Coroplast columns that they made for another set. They put gaff tape in a pattern that suggested an industrious/trussing feel to tie into the series art (which had an art deco poster type feel to it). They suggested depth and perspective on the “trussing” by using two different widths of gaff tape to create the lines (the “X’s”). One diagonal line was smaller than the other, so it can look kind of like you’re looking through to the back diagonal supports on a truss. They used some motions from Centerline New Media that looked kind of like their stain glass panels, but neatly “shattered.”





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