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Shattered Hopes and Screens

Andrew Soerens from Bethel Church in Temple, TX brings us this really cool idea for projection screens.

The built projection screens from white corrugated plastic (donated by a local company). They cut the pieces to look like shattered glass and nailed them to 1×2’s. The hung the whole screen from a 2×4. Then Andrew bought two inexpensive projectors ($350/each) to project motion backgrounds onto the Coroplast (corrugated plastic). He used EasyWorship on an old laptop to save some money. Then he coordinated the video backgrounds, lyric backgrounds, and LED’s to match each others’ colors.

To add another element he put some long strips of Coroplast behind the choir risers and mounted some LED cans inside the risers to splash the Coroplast with color.

Total cost: around $800 for projectors, mounts, some lumber and paint.

The Wooden Weave Staging a Premier

One response to “Shattered Hopes and Screens”

  1. jimmy says:

    Looks great. Cool Idea.

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