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The Wooden Weave

Greg Coverdale from Two Rivers Church in New Bern, North Carolina brings us this wooden version of the popular “The Weave” stage design.

Because the church is in an old building with large stain glass windows, they weren’t able to control the lighting very well. So they opted to do the Weave design without Coroplast. Instead they used thin plywood (luan) for the surface. That way the design would look good with or without lights. Then they chose to light the set with 5 LED Par 64s.

Thatch Shattered Hopes and Screens

16 responses to “The Wooden Weave”

  1. matt strom says:

    It looks like the sanctuary is still used for traditional services (banners hanging behind the stage setup). Is the whole thing removable/convertible?

    • Greg Coverdale says:

      We are a church plant that meets at a school that used to be a church. (does that make sense?). We usually have to set up and take down week in and week out, but they allowed us to build and keep the stage design up for the summer. The banner was removed later.

    • Jack Arp says:

      I am struggling w/ my frame work that makes up the weave. Can you help me w/ this.

  2. Steven Hall says:


    Amazing Job, both beautiful when lit, and when not. Great work!


  3. Dylon says:

    I was wondering where you got the wood from, and what kind of wood it is? Anything helps thanks!!

  4. Bob Spruill says:

    Excellent work Greg. The Church is blessed to have such a capable
    stage designer on staff.

    Praise the Lord, Bob Spruill

  5. Millie Rapier Anderson says:

    Greg!! that is beautiful!! resembles the continuous love of Christ with the WAVE effect!!!
    God bless all at TRC

  6. Millie Rapier Anderson says:


  7. Dylon says:

    Nice, what did you make the stnads out of?

  8. says:

    Your idea sucks. Just kidding. I am jealous. Oh wait, I’m not supposed to feel that way. I like it intensely.

  9. Jack Arp says:

    I am struggling w/ the frame work thay makes up the weave. can you help me w/ this. Jack

  10. Tamara Moore says:

    Can I please get a copy of your building plans for the weave? Thanks – Tammi

    • Greg Coverdale says:

      Please email me and I can connect with you that way if you are still wondering.

      • Tamara Moore says:

        Sorry the delay. I am very interested in communicating with you regarding this design. Thank you!!!!

      • Nannette Kendall says:

        I am about to begin building a weave modesty panel which will convert into a backdrop for our contemporary service. Do you have a set of plans that I could use for how you attached the luan? My thoughts have been to cut “wedges” of wood and glue and nail to the luan then attach those to the side structure to obtain the bowed sections.

        Any assistance or suggestions are welcome.

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