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Shattered Spandex

Melissa van Biljon from Eden Community in South Africa brings us this pattern of stretch fabrics.

They bought some stretch sheets and hung them in a unique design, then lit them. The entire design cost them under $350.

photo 1

photo 4

photo 5

Coat Rack Forest Pallet Sign

6 responses to “Shattered Spandex”

  1. Frans Sadie says:

    Dit lyk great(amper se ek awesome – maar daar is net Een wat AWESOME is!) – Melissa, jy is geseend met soveel talent!!

  2. Jeremy Melberg says:

    Wheres the best place to get stretch sheets and how do you hang them?

  3. Martha tiri says:

    Please contact me regarding your products

  4. vincent africa says:

    Where can we source the material and are you being to assist in hanging or guidance on how to hang. They really look great hey:-)

  5. Kate Wichman says:

    spandex or jersey…did you cut and sew…are you using fabric clips….so many??????

    please reply very exciting work….wonderful

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