Stage Designs

Summer Versatility

Kim Miller from Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City, OH brings us this stage design that held three different sermon series’.

They set out to create a stage design that would transcend throughout three month-long summer series’—one basic background customized for each of the three themes. They began with a simple sketch and used “foam boards” (cut from 4′ x 8′ sheets) stored from another series. These were painted and installed in a chevron pattern. For added visual interest they included cardboard fruit crate dividers recycled out of their preschool’s kitchen. Total cost of the background was less than $100.

Before each series they teamed up to create customized stage pieces as well as tweak the colors on the chevrons. Here are the three series’ themes (photos are in order):

1. sketch

2. fruit packing divider


4. full flipflop stage

5. flipflop photogrid

6. guitars w: flipflop








14. framily side w: gfx

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