Christmas Designs


Travis Doolittle from New Church in Winston-Salem, NC brings us these portable pieces.

They built frames that would house 2 par cans each. They built a separation down the middle, lined them with tinfoil to help the light reflect as much as possible throughout the enclosure, and put natural Coroplast (not white and not clear) on the front to diffuse the light well.

Then they used cheap fencing wood slats found at home depot, painted them white, and affixed them to the front in semi-random patterns. They placed these frames on centerpieces that came from Abercrombie and Fitch. They were moving clothing displays in a former life. You’ll also notice that for each of the 3 structures, there were two frames with hinges. This is because they’re portable and they had to fit through the doorway upon setup/teardown. They also installed a removable black painted board on the bottom of each structure so they could access cables and lights if necessary.

Obviously they did this for Christmas, but they’ve gotten a lot of use out of since then as well. Simply remove the garland and wreaths.

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