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The Rose

Heather Snider from Lakeside Christian Church in Springfield, IL brings us this cool LED wooden flower.

LED Wooden Flower:
1/2inch plywood
LED strip tape
Black egg shell Paint
Robin’s egg blue egg shell paint
White acrylic
Self adhesive cable clamps

Budget: $150-200

From Heather: Used a projector to trace and paint a large 7ft circumference circle blue.

Painted plywood black. Inverted the colors of a floral design and projected the image onto the black boards. Roughly traced the design with white acrylic and went back later to clean up lines and create depth with the white paint. I divided the flower up into 3 boards to make it easier for cutting and hanging later. Cut out the flower with a jigsaw. For the main flower portion I screwed two 2×4 pieces into the back to help crest depth when hung on the stage wall. For the stem and petals I used 1x4s so they could be tucked up behind the main flower portion.

I used self adhesive cable clamps on the back of the plywood to hold the LED strips in place.

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  1. Ah! Thank you so much for the feature!!

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