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Shooda Wooda Cooda

Quinton Matthews from Crossings Camps in Louisville, KY brings us this wooded back wall.

They got their inspiration from Willow Creek’s Third World Shelter.

To start, they mounted wooden 2x4s on the wall much like you would to build a fence. They found an old abounded building and, with permission, took wood panelings off it. They drilled them to the 2x4s at random.

They also need a door for their closet located behind the stage. So they spray painted a corrugated metal sheet red, then added some brown accents to give it a rusted look. Then they added wood for the appearance of hinges. Then they covered the door with that.

To top it off they printed 2 large banners with wood at both the top and bottom. They hung them using black cord so it supported the weight and followed it with a thick brown rope.

They added other elements such as a tire, a bench (hides monitors well), a ladder, and tin cans.

Majority of the items they found or had donated. At the end they spent about $100 dollars.

Tired A Nuclear Christmas

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