Stage Lighting

Short Ceiling Lighting

The team from AR Ministries in Santiago, Chile brings us this great use of stage lighting.

From the team: The design that we created was a little complicated since our auditorium does not have much height, besides that we added to the stage assembly we have a grid of lighting for TV. We use led and beams technology.

The number of machines we have are as follows:

-24 High Bright Led Torque
-10 Beam 5R
-10 Led Bar
-12 Pair Led for walls
-04 Wash Mobile with zoom
Soon we will add a led screen P5 and will share the new design of our auditorium.

Bulbs and String Ribboned

One response to “Short Ceiling Lighting”

  1. Karen says:

    could you tell me what brand of lights you used and where you purchased?

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