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Diane Chesnutt at Saint James United Methodist Church in Montgomery, AL brings us this geometry teacher’s fantasy.

They made the rectangles from PVC pipe in 4 different sizes: 12′, 10. 8′ and 6′. Then they covered them with white muslin. Bar lights were placed inside each column.

The triangles were stretch fabric held in place with griff clips with the front lighting. All items reuseable individually: columns only or triangles only.

The stretch fabric cost $109, white muslin $100, PVC pipe $125, and griff clips $50.

The Art Scene Brilliant Fabric

3 responses to “Equilateral”

  1. Mike Fowler says:

    Very nice! love the use of LED lighting with all the spandex. Well done!

  2. Jae Elaine says:

    Hi where did you purchase the fabric? What kind of spandex did you get? There are so many different types like poly, lycra, poplin etc. Don’t know which one would give the best look.

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