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Throwback: Tut-tut, it Looks Like Rain

How could you not love a Winnie the Pooh reference? (The views of Winnie do not necessarily reflect the views of Joshua Colburn and Crosswinds Church in Dublin, California.) Originally posted June 2011.

Umbrella Stage Design

Their series was called “Recession Proof Your Soul.” The stage design was built around the idea that storms do come and when they do, God’s grace and provision is an umbrella. To create the clouds they used white Coroplast. The raindrops were door skin–hand cut and painted. Finally, the umbrellas were white wedding umbrellas. Add a lovely lighting scheme, and voila!

umbrella stage design

Triforce LED Boards

One response to “Throwback: Tut-tut, it Looks Like Rain”

  1. chern wern says:

    wow great stuff! looks like someone hired a designer ;)

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