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Shrunk and Bowed

Kim McLennan from Rolling Hills Covenant Church in Rolling Hills, CA brings us these cool panels.

They had a series based on Judges and it focused on the life/faith of Gideon. They wanted to show ordinary items transformed into something beautiful.

We took ordinary food grade plastic wrap and PVC pipe and made frames to then hit them with LED lights. The large PVC pipe gave a nice space for the light to bounce around in between the layers of plastic wrap. Every other layer they twisted around the frame they twisted the roll to create shape.

The whole cost was around $500.

Supplies were: PVC pipe, food grade plastic wrap, and para cord to hang them.



Origami Spirit Skypan

7 responses to “Shrunk and Bowed”

  1. Steven Hall says:


    This is an amazing set!!!! One of the most creative things i’ve seen in awhile! Great job! Thank you for serving God’s kingdom so excellently!!!


  2. Isioma I Reinsa says:

    Plss What is Food grade plastic Wrap and where can i find it?

    • Barry Armstrong says:

      It’s plastic wrap used to cover dishes and bowls of food for temporary storage. In the United States it can be found in any supermarket.

  3. Isioma I Reinsa says:

    and which type of pvc are u guys tallking about is it ceiling pvc or what..Plss i need Help..Thanks God Bless

  4. Gary Robinson says:

    What size was the PVC?

  5. Cheryl Halter says:

    What is the dimension of the frames – 4×8 – or something else? Also, what diameter PVC did you use? Thinking of doing this for our stage design beginning at the end of April.

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