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Simple Lights for Christmas

Andrew Leslie from Cambridge Community Church in Cambridge, United Kingdom brings us this Christmas set.

They wanted to make the room feel more homely and welcoming—especially to new people who might be coming to church for the first time during this festive season. So they decided to rent some festoons (essentially long strings with lots of little 25w lamps on them).

They used two 25m lengths to stretch across the main hall and crossed them in the middle to create more impact. They used the same idea on stage, using 2 x 15m lengths draped around the stage, in a relaxed fashion.

They didn’t want the design to look rigid. They wanted it to flow. So when putting it up, they tried to let it just look natural to the eye so it wouldn’t necessarily draw attention away from the stage or get in the way of the projection.

Overall the rental cost for them was £120 ($196.20) for 2 weeks.
– 2 x 25m
– 2 x 15m

Along with over 300 lamps to go with them.







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One response to “Simple Lights for Christmas”

  1. Brent Jones says:

    love it. simple, classic, its a great look.

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