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Snow Blasted

Travis Sellers from Antioch Baptist Church in Conway, AR brings us this ultrawide screen and weed block panels for their Christmas services.

They used black 4′ wide landscaping material and used a white satin based paint. There was a total of 14 panels, 10′ long each. They used a broom to achieve the splatter effect. Each panel was lit with a single Chauvet flat par LED light from the bottom.

The panels in the middle held the graphic for the series. They built two rotating 8′ x 8′ frames and covered each of the four sides with two 4′ x 8′ 1/2″ foam boards to hold the graphic. There were four different scenes on the panels and they could rotate in and out by changing them from behind.

Above the panel they stretched a 45′ x 10′ sheet of spandex along a wire. From the back of the building they used a Matrox Dual Head to Go and used two 7,000 lumen projectors to stretch the image across.

The paint and the landscaping material cost around $250.
They printed the graphic in house. Paper and ink was around $750.
The spandex was $300.
Lumber was largely donated so they only spent about $200.

Total cost: around $1,500.







Massive Pallet Wall Patterned Light

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  1. Samuel Reynolds says:

    Can you please let me know how you made the graphic? If possible do you have a PSD. file with that graphic?

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